Real Estate

Hung Loc Phat started to enter the real estate market of Saigon South from 2010, this was a breakthrough marked a new brand in the real estate market in Saigon South. Until 2018, Hung Loc Phat officially confirmed and honored to receive " Top 10 Prestigious Brand in Viet Nam" award. Determining the development strategy is always making a difference in each of our products, improves the living experience of residents, applies the model of modern housing in the world...This is the unique way of Hung Loc Phat to bring added value to customers, partners and social community.

Building Materials

Established in 2001, Hung Loc Phat is one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of exploiting and trading construction materials with 3 main activities: Quarrying, producing and trading Granite and Marble as prestige on the domestic and foreign market, providing commercial concrete for large projects in the South and East Saigon. Hung Loc Phat identifies this as a key area in the development strategy of the company, always maintains production capacity and improves competitiveness, holds a unique position in the stone supply market..


Recognizing the potential and importance of the electricic power sector contributes significantly to the overall development of the national economy. Hung Loc Phat prioritizes energy development strategy with two small and medium hydropower plants in Vietnam and Laos. By 2020, Hung Lo Phat Energy will has striven to become a powerful and effective organization in the whole country, significantly contributed to localities, communities, and developed towards environmental protection.